Apple Tree Vegan Pastries​​

The best healthy, yummy, sweet & savory
organic food products!

  The Vegan Chef

Simone Tate



We are vegans!​​
Certified in the art of raw vegan cusine.
We understand the need for fresh and organic ingredience. We also know how difficult at first it is to give up cravings of sweet treats and addictive standard American junk comfort foods. One of the ways we began our vegan food journey was by being introduced to vegan deserts which gave us a foreground to start by satisfying our sweet tooth. Then that lead us into studing food combiation, Artisinal cheeses, and much more delicious vegan foods.

We fully devoted ourselves to perfect the health benefits, flavors, textures, and presentation of our foods.​​​​
It is important to us to make our plant base foods from scratch and maintain the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in our food in order to nourish our body.
To do so we must go through a process of soaking raw nuts & seeds for hours to activate their enzymes, making the protein more readily available for absorption and to reach their creamiest texture.  We also sprout buckwheat groats to activate their enzymes making them easier to digest and finally dehydrating them for hours to obtain that perfect level of consumption. With some of our artisan cheeses we use probiotics which are a collection of microorganisms that aid the in general health and particularly the digestion. This processes exemplify the integrity we have towards our craft. natural and organic ingredients that are filled with vitamins and nutrients which are organic. None of our product are baked nor do they contain gluten, wheat flour, eggs, dairy, refined sugars, preservatives, additives or GMO.